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IR Viewing Plate, ceramic, 50.0mm x 50.0mm active area, green emission, 1W sensitivity in cw operation, 5.000W/cm² damage threshold, size: 60.0mm x 50.0mm x 3.0mm
IR Viewing Plate, lollipop version, d=35.0 active area, green emission, for cw and pulsed operation with 880nm to 1.070nm in wavelength
Thermal Image Plate, for CO2 operation, four phosphor surfaces - each 3 x 3 - covering the power densities commonly obtained, ultraviolet lamp for surface illumination recommended
Display Plate, three phosphor surfaces for cw, pulsed and GaAs operation, size: 152.0mm x 88.0mm x 25.0mm, ultraviolet lamp for surface illumination recommended
Ultraviolet Lamp 220V, 50/60Hz, ce-certified
Laser Power Meter, Coherent LaserMate model 30, includes analog console and detector head
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